Sudoku and Minesweeper released for Windows Phone 7

Both games are available in the U.S. Marketplace for Windows Phone at no cost, supported by advertisements. The games are also Xbox LIVE enabled and come complete with achievements and power ups. Microsoft describes both games as “two of the most immensely popular puzzle games of all time.”


Your goal is to clear minefields using flags to safely mark potential mines. Sweep your way through Classic and Speed modes, each with as many as four different levels of difficulty. Earn powerups as you play to help you navigate the board and unlock achievements for your LIVE account. But, be careful – one wrong move will detonate the entire board.


“Sudoku,” a numbers-based logic game, comes with Classic and Lightning modes and offers hours of entertainment. Earn powerups and LIVE achievements and put your brain to the test!
Microsoft also revealed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is now available for $2.99 as part of its “deal for the week” promotion for Windows Phone 7. The software giant plans to make IonBallEX available for just $2.99 next week.

Minesweeper and Soduko for Windows Phone 7

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