Free Migration Kit For Windows7 From O&O


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Whether you’re installing Windows 7 on your old computer, or are planning to buy a new one that already comes with Windows 7, you’ll quickly notice that something very important is missing: your personal data, settings, and programs that were available on your computer’s former operating system. You could, of course, transfer each of them one by one, and then reinstall them in a tedious process. No? Then take the easier route: Migration Kit for Windows 7.

Windows 7 only supports In-Place migrations from identical editions (e.g. from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home). Both must be in the same language and both either 32 or 64-Bit. Migration between different editions is not supported (e.g. from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional). The Migration Kit, however, supports a whole range of migration scenarios.

With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to transfer all your data and programs onto a new operating system or computer. This is not only easier and less time-consuming, it’s also much more secure because as part of the Migration Kit for Windows 7, you’ll also be getting the multiple award-winning O&O DiskImage 4 Professional Edition. O&O DiskImage will create a complete image of your system prior to migration, so that your familiar IT environment will be available to you whenever you need it.

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